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AX Alumilight Series Landing Gear

JOST International’s lightest series of landing gear, the AX100 Alumilight series can offer weight savings of at least 50lbs per set! Ideal for any commercial trucking application looking to increase payload without sacrificing functionality, the AX100 series features all the same, trusted JOST components, with a significant weight reduction.

  • Internal gearbox
  • Steel covered with silicone to keep moisture out
  • 6061-T6 extruded aluminum upper leg for durability. 
  • Standard JOST gear train allows easy interchangeability
  • A ⅜” x 2″ reinforcing strap
  • Polyester coated HSLA steel lower leg

JSK3CN Lightweight Fifth Wheel

The JSK3CNWL is one of the lightest on highway fifth wheels on the market without the cost of aluminum. This model features a fusion welded steel top plate that incorporates a carbon fiber beam. Other key features include:


  • Same proven locking mechanism
  • Convertible to a standard lubricated fifth wheel
  • Same surface area as JSK37UW low lube fifth wheels
  • Replaceable steel wear ring
  • Compatible with all JOST brackets

Loc-Light sENSOR

The dual-sensor system on the JOST JSK37UBE is connected to the Go/No-Go indicator light located next to the handle. A proper coupling with the handle and kingpin in the locked position will be lit up as green or “Go light”. If the system does not detect the handle and/or kingpin in the proper locked position, the light will flash red or “No-Go light”

  • Green/Red/White Indicator Light with audible alert.

  • Throat illumination light for superior lock bar visibility (Sold Separately).

  • Easy field installation and replacement.

Comes with JOST’s Hardened Steel Wear Ring for maximum performance and durability.

Sensor wheel

The JOST JSK37UBK Sensor Wheel allows the driver to know when the fifth wheel is properly and safely coupled from inside the cab by sending a signal to a display in the cab that illustrates when the wheel is properly coupled.

  • Visual lock indicator for proper locking.
  • Automatic secondary lock to ensure security.
  • Cushion ring in throat reduces wear on the kingpin and absorbs impact.
  • Full size release handle for easy manual release.
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