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Wear Resistant Cushion Foot

Pavement, meet your match. JOST’s Wear Resistant Cushion Foot is built stronger to last 2.5 times longer than standard options. If you’re ready to stop replacing parts and get to work, this is the cushion foot for you.

Introducing our lightest fifth wheel yet

The JSK3CNWL is JOST’s lightweight option for highway
applications–without the expensive cost of aluminum.
This model features a fusion welded steel top plate that
incorporates a carbon fiber beam.

NEW Double Cushion Foot

Tough situations call for forgiving equipment. Stop worrying about your landing gear. JOST’s Double Cushion Foot ensures your trailer can withstand a greater impact than ever before without risking damage to your landing gear.

NEW Loc-Light Fifth Wheel

The Loc-Light system enhances your JOST fifth wheel with the addition of our two-sensor monitoring system as well as a LED throat illumination.

Smart Systems for Trucks & Trailers

JOST International is proud to be a world market leader and international supplier for the commercial trucking industry. As a pioneer for fifth wheel couplings and landing gear with internal gears, we have grown our company through the decades with innovative systems and sensor-controlled solutions that make operations easier, safer, and efficient.

A Tradition of Global Success

JOST International has a long history of developing efficient, safe, and innovative systems for trucks and trailers. Since our company’s start with the very first fifth wheel coupling, we’ve grown as a world market leader and international supplier for the commercial trucking industry. Over the years, much has changed, but our dedication to safety, continuous improvement, and global success has remained the same.

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