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Manual Release Lock Security

JOST’s signature Manual Release locking mechanism is one of the original features in all other JOST fifth wheel products, setting the industry standard for fifth-wheel construction and functionality. With just four moving parts, JOST’s Manual Release Lock Security ensures ultimate safety and simplicity for secure, efficient hauling.

  • Standard Handle Features
  • Retractable Handle Features

Air Release Feature

JOST’s Air Release feature allows for easy operation and safety. Complete with a visual lock indicator, wear reducing cushion ring, and full-size release handle, JOST’s Air Release feature is a convenient option for large national fleets and owner operators.

Locktronic Feature

The LockTronic Security System is a self contained battery-powered LED that confirms the fifth wheel is properly secured. When properly locked, the LockTronic flashes a bright LED light. Operators can see the light from any point between the cab and the landing gear crank.

Standard Handle vs. Retractable & Air Release Handle

USK Sensor Wheel

The JOST USK Sensor Wheel allows the driver to know when the fifth wheel is properly and safely coupled from inside the cab by sending a signal to a display in the cab that illustrates when the wheel is properly coupled.

  • Visual lock indicator for proper locking.
  • Automatic secondary lock to ensure security.
  • Cushion ring in throat reduces wear on the kingpin and absorbs impact.
  • Full size release handle for easy manual release.

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