Fifth Wheels

JSK37Y  Series

JSK37Y Series for Terminal Tractors

The JSK37Y series is designed for terminal tractor applications. All of the wear areas are replaceable, increasing the lifespan of the product while minimizing the total cost of ownership. Featuring the same locking mechanism and industry-leading features you’re familiar with from JOST fifth wheels, this is the ideal choice for any terminal tractor, and can even be used as an aftermarket replacement for competitors.

  • Air Release Top plate
  • Steel Wear Ring
  • Manual Safety Lockout
  • Replaceable Steel Liner Plates
  • Replaceable Throat Guides

Key Features & Benefits

JSK37Y  Series

Replaceable Wear Areas

For yard spotter’s high-wear applications, the JSK37Y features replaceable steel plates, throat wear ring, and throat guides, extending the life of the product.

Anti-high Coupling Lugs

JOST’s signature anti-high coupling lugs prevent drivers from high coupling. Lugs guide kingpin properly into the jaws or push it up and over for a clear indication when the fifth wheel is properly coupled.

Designed For Rugged Conditions

The handle and adjustment bolt are brought inside the casting, protecting parts and significantly reducing the potential for damage due to mis-coupling.

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Parts, Assemblies & Specs

JSK37Y  Series

With fully replaceable wear areas, the JSK37Y is the ideal product for terminal tractors and yard spotters. This series comes complete with all of the JOST fifth wheel standard features making it the long-lasting, low total cost of ownership option that’s well suited to any fleet or yard. The JSK37Y line has a maximum vertical capacity of 50,000 lbs and a maximum horizontal capacity of 150,000 lbs.

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