Bracket Exchange

How It Works

1.   Fill out the exchange form below, we at JOST will use this as your purchase order for your new bracket.
2.   JOST will email you a Return Goods Receipt (RGR) with instructions for your current bracket.
3.   Once you receive your new bracket, replace the current bracket and return it to JOST using the RGR.

Shipping Information
You are responsible for all shipping costs. Both the freight of shipping the new bracket to you, and the return of your current bracket. Jost will not accept returns sent collect, or prepay shipments going to you.

Shipping will be coming from and going to Greeneville, TN 37743 and will need to be on a freight truck. Brackets can weigh from 100-250 lbs, are freight class 70 and will be on a standard pallet.

Invoicing Information
You will be invoiced for the initial order, but once you return your current bracket we will credit the invoice for the value of the bracket returned (see below for pricing). You will only owe the price difference between the brackets, if there is one.

Please Note: *New pricing for the bracket exchange program is in effect October 1st, 2022.*  The Customer is responsible for all freight charges, both for the return and the new bracket. Once the old bracket is returned and evaluated to be in “like new” condition a credit will be issued against your invoice.

Questions: Contact Customer Service at 800-253-5105 Mon-Fri 7am-5pm EST or email at