JSK36N Series Lightweight Fifth Wheel

The JSK36N Series offers all of the capabilities and safety features that have made JOST fifth wheel top plates the industry standard, with weight savings that allow for an increase in payload and improved fuel efficiency. This economical OEM entry-level fifth wheel is perfect for owners with a short trade cycle.

  • Lightweight stamped steel top plate
  • Safe, reliable JOST signature locking mechanism
  • Replaceable steel wear ring
  • Can be rebuilt in 30 min. without removing top plate
  • Ideal choice for replacing lightweight competitive full assemblies

Key Features & Benefits

JSK36N Series

Weighs 210 LBS

Weighs 210 LBS

At a 30lb reduction, the JSK36N allows for an increase in payload along with improved fuel efficiency.

JOST Locking Mechanism

JOST Locking Mechanism

Like all JOST fifth wheels, the JSK36N employs our safe and simple locking mechanism with just four moving parts.

Consistent Operation

Consistent Operation

Drivers and technicians are already familiar with the operation and maintenance of the JOST locking mechanism.

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Parts, Assemblies & Specs

JSK36N  Series

The JSK36N is interchangeable with all JSK37U series fifth wheels, and functions with the same key features as all other JOST fifth wheel products. A lightweight, economical solution on new truck specifications, the JSK36N is an ideal choice for replacing competitive assemblies, and for owners with short trade cycles. This fifth wheel series features a maximum vertical rating of 45,000 lbs and a maximum horizontal rating of 150,000 lbs.

All information about parts, assemblies, and mounting options is available below:

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