Fifth Wheels

JSK37F – Fontaine Replacement

Top Plate

JOST is dedicated to making change easy. Replace old, worn-out Fontaine top plates with the new JOST JSK37F top plate model. Rebuild in just 30 minutes for a brand-new JOST top plate with top-of-the-line safety features. JOST will extend a new five-year warranty with your new JOST top plate, and we will warrant any unused coverage remaining on your current bracket.

Replaces “F” Models:*

  • 5000, 6000 & 7000
  • 5092 & H5092

Replaces Kits:

  • KIT-RPR-5092L
  • KIT-RPR-7000

*Is not compatible with the 7″ LWS Series Sliders.

Please Note:  Installing your JSK37F fifth wheel top plate will raise the installed fifth wheel height by 5/16″.

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