Landing Gear

K405  Series

K405 Series Landing Gear 

JOST’s K405 Series features all of the design benefits of our standard duty series. Complete with drop leg functionality, the spring assisted drop leg retraction allows for easy use, and easy twist handle offers quick drop leg extension and retraction, perfect for a variety of commercial trucking applications.

  • Convenient down stop prevents over extension.
  • Sealed cover and bushings keep moisture out.
  • Optional 10 bolt mounting pattern for mounting rigidity. 
Drop Leg Operation
  • Rotate the handle to the released position
  • Place foot on the base plate and push to desired location
  • Rotate handle back to the locked position
  • Lift foot slowly from base plate until it automatically locks into position

Capacities & Ratings

Single Leg Only

Combined Set

Max Static Load Rating*

12,500 lbs

25,000 lbs

Rated Lift Capacity

10,000 lbs

25,000 lbs

Max Static Load Rating*

Single Speed Leg Only:  12,500 lbs

Combined Set:  25,000 lbs

Rated Lift Capacity**

Single Speed Leg Only:  10,000 lbs

Combined Set:  25,000 lbs

Gear Ratio:  5.3 turns = 1″ Travel

* When properly braced on a trailer.

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