Landing Gear

UL  Ultralight Series

UL Ultralight Series Landing Gear

For commercial trucking fleets and our trusted OEM partners looking for a lightweight trailer landing gear option that offers all of the same capabilities as standard landing gear, the UL500 Ultralight is the answer! Featuring the same trusted design that’s made JOST an industry-leading manufacturer of landing gear, with a lightweight material, the UL500 Ultralight series offers a weight savings of at least 27 lbs per set.

  • JOST internal gearbox
  • Sealed legs to keep out moisture
  • HSLA flange material for low weight and strength
  • HSLA material on upper and lower tube
  • Double “D” style shaft 

UL500 Series

Capacities & Ratings:

  • Max Static Load Rating* 160,000 lbs
  • Rated Lift Capacity** 55,000 lbs
  • Sideload Capacity* 26,000 lbs / set

* When properly braced on a trailer
** With 100ft-lbs input torque

UL550 Series

Capacities & Ratings:

  • Max Static Load Rating* 170,000 lbs
  • Rated Lift Capacity** 57,500 lbs
  • Sideload Capacity* 33,000 lbs / set

* When properly braced on a trailer
** With 100ft-lbs input torque

Key Features & Benefits

UL  Ultralight Series

JOST Signature Gearbox

Featuring JOST’s signature internal gearbox, gearing components are protected from damage related to road chemicals and moisture.

Lightweight HSLA Material

HSLA material is used in flanges and on upper and lower tubes to deliver weight savings of at least 27lbs per set without sacrificing strength.

5 & 10 Year Warranties

The UL series is also available with a 5-year maintenance-free or 10-year extended warranty. Protect your investment and forget maintenance for years!

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