Sensor technology in fifth wheels is revolutionizing the trucking industry, enhancing safety, efficiency, and convenience for operators. At JOST International, our advanced sensor systems ensure that your fifth wheel is securely locked, providing peace of mind for drivers and fleet managers.

One of the primary benefits of sensor technology is real-time monitoring. The JSK37UBK Series fifth wheel features a dual-sensor system that verifies both the position of the kingpin and the secure locking of the release handle. This data is relayed to a display in the cab, allowing drivers to confirm the fifth wheel’s securement without leaving the cab. This reduces the risk of coupling failures and enhances overall safety

The Loc-Light system (JSK37UBE model) offers visual and audible alerts located under the fifth wheel handle, providing clear indications of any issues with the locking mechanism. A green light confirms a proper lock, while a flashing red light and audible alert indicate that the coupling needs attention. This immediate feedback helps prevent accidents and ensures secure connections every time.

Efficiency is another significant advantage. The LED throat illumination feature (sold separately) simplifies pre-trip inspections by shining light directly into the throat of the fifth wheel, allowing for quick and thorough checks. Automated monitoring reduces the need for manual inspections, streamlining operations and minimizing human error.

Cost savings come from preventive maintenance and reduced downtime. Sensor technology detects early signs of wear or misalignment, allowing for timely repairs and extending the equipment’s lifespan. By ensuring the fifth wheel is always properly locked, unexpected breakdowns are minimized, leading to less downtime and more efficient resource use.

For drivers, fifth wheel sensors offer a convenient and immediate indication of the fifth wheel’s status. This reduces stress and allows drivers to focus on the road. Audible alerts ensure that any issues are promptly addressed, enhancing overall safety.

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Incorporating sensor technology into your fifth wheel systems offers numerous benefits, from improved safety and efficiency to significant cost savings and a better driver experience. Upgrade your fifth wheel with the latest sensor technology today and experience the difference it can make. For more information, explore our range of sensor-equipped products here.


Expert Reviewed On 5/15/24

Rob Marsh is the VP of Truck Product Sales OEM and Fleet at JOST and has worked in the trucking industry for over 17 years. In that time he has become an expert in truck and trailer technologies and products.

Rob Marsh

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